You'll never win right away, with Marcus Ginyard

authenticity mental health perseverance Aug 30, 2022

And I know that these moments of pain and discomfort are all about growth and transformation, right? We're not gonna be the same person, our entire lives. We're gonna shed old things and gain new things and experiences and leave things behind that don’t serve us anymore.

What a timely thing to hear! I always feel like when a season is ending, and one is starting - this visual of shedding the things that don’t serve us is so empowering. Right now, we are going from a literal season of summer to fall, and from lazy days to busy school days. In my business we are going from a season of sheer overwhelm to something more manageable. 

And while there are certain seasons I love more than others- what I LOVE more than anything is the purge. There is nothing more satisfying to me than cleaning out a drawer or closet - but I struggle to actually throw things away - I just make it neater. I have a huge stack of old beach towels that I can’t seem to part from. 

I love the IDEA of throwing them away - but I am paralyzed by the What If.  What if I want them to clean? What if I want them when a kid is sick? I can very clearly see that I already have 4 junk towels that have always been sufficient. But it is in the back of my mind the what if? What IF I need it one day? 

When I finally broke free of this hold my towels had over me and I donated them to an animal shelter - I felt so much lighter. And while this is a ridiculous analogy- the idea and feeling rings true for things and people that we hold onto for the inevitable “What if.” 

I am taking this change in our season of life to look at what is not serving me and letting it go. The feeling that I have to be in the office at 8 - GONE. The relationships that are hard and one-sided- GONE.  It is time for a great purge and to shed all that is not serving us anymore. Because we have changed, I have changed and what maybe worked before - doesn’t work now. 

This week - think of one feeling, task, relationship that you can get rid of that is no longer serving you and let it go!

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