When pressure makes you a better business owner

perserverance team building Mar 21, 2022

I feel this deeply. It is hard to imagine when we started out where we would be today. C and D was a hobby and a promise of a dream. It didn’t really have to make any money, it just needed to fuel our creativity and expose us to an industry that we hoped we  would one day be a part of. We made so many mistakes along the way and while they may have set us back, those decisions didn’t make or break us. It was fun and while there was the will/want to grow there wasn’t the pressure. 

That comes with growth. The pressure to keep growing and perfecting. The pressure to make new heights for our employees - to make sure they aren’t feeling stagnant. The pressure to increase our client experiences. The pressure to not be the “one hit wonder”. But pressure isn’t always bad - I mean some of the most precious and valuable things on this planet are a result of pressure. For us, all of this pressure has resulted in the requirement that we become better business owners, and just like Holly said - it wasn’t a choice!

I think you get to a point in your business when you look around and realize all of the people who are depending on your growth, all of the people who have bought into your dream, all of the friends who have routed you on and it makes you want to level up! It spurs you on to be a better business owner and to make decisions not solely based on what feeds you but what grows the business and ultimately everyone that supports you. Sometimes you realize that your dreams and visions require some savvy business decisions and it hits you that this isn’t just your hobby or “little thing you do” but an actual living and breathing thing that requires you to be the best business version of yourself to be worthy of what you have built!

Cheers to pressure and becoming better business owners!



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