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authenticity mental health perserverance Nov 21, 2022

"At some point you have to evaluate if it's in the best interest to walk away - when you are considering walking away, are you walking away because that's the easy thing to do? Are you walking away because you just don't have any more fight? why are you walking away? If you can't come up with a sound decision as to why you're walking away, then you may not need to walk away. Just sit and pray and meditate about what is the next decision, the next strategic opportunity that you need to make, right?"

Haven’t we all been there? I don’t just mean in business but, I think this is universal to all of life - When you have been beat down, you’re over it, and you just want to walk away. Whether it’s a project, a business, a relationship, a promise …there are times when you just want to quit and throw in the towel and I loved Dr. Anissa’s perspective- that if you can’t come up with a sound decision as to why you are walking away - then maybe you shouldn’t!

I can think of so many times in my life where it just felt “too hard” and I wanted to throw in the towel - and I can say 99% of the time I am happy that I worked it out and something better came out of that trauma and strife. I’m the first to admit that I haven’t always gotten it right and there were times I should have thrown in the towel before I did - hello Bedding Pyramid Scheme I pedaled in my early 20’s ?! But mostly I have been rewarded for sticking it out or digging deep for a reason to stick it out - while the Bradford is an obvious phoenix type story - I am most proud of all of the work and effort and digging deep that Dana and I have done to maintain (and improve) our relationship through some really hard and desperate times!
There were definitely times I wanted to quit - that the divide seemed insurmountable and we both wanted to throw in the towel - but as Dr. Anissa said, I think we did a really good job of “making the main thing the main thing” and money, family, feelings aside - our relationship has always been the “Main thing” and I think we are stronger for it - both in business and in life.

I really think that life is always going to throw curve balls at you and it’s going to get hard, it’s going to try you, and its going to make you want to quit - but I think the point is to not make a knee-jerk reaction and make sure you are evaluating why you should quit as much as you evaluate why you started something in the first place and to make sure you are keeping that “main thing” in focus!

Courtney and Dana

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