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authenticity business team building Mar 06, 2023

"I think the happiness of your client is directly related to the happiness of your employees."

The importance of company culture can not be overstated! We have heard time and time again from entrepreneurs on our show that any time, energy, or money used toward the advancement of your company culture is returned to you many times over, and we totally agree! Great company culture results in great client care and great client care builds businesses. Here are a couple of tips to set you up for success when building that great client culture!

I think company culture starts with a shared vision and mission. Everyone wants to work toward a goal and feel that sense of accomplishment when it is achieved. Not everybody values the same things so take the time to really figure out what your company values are and a way to weed out the candidates that may not share those. Making sure you hire people with a similar purpose or value sets them and your company up for success!

Everyone wants to feel like they do something that matters - that their contributions do not go unnoticed! This is where gratitude and recognition play a huge role in your company culture. I like to live by the motto - if I feel it, I say it or show it.Don’t let those moments pass to let someone you work with know that they did a great job or that you see how much effort they are putting forth. It can be as easy as a few words or even a thank you Starbucks. What will happen is that you will start to see your employees or colleagues appreciating each other and all of the sudden you have an office full of gratitude!
Just a few thoughts about culture this am! Hope you have a great week!

Courtney and Dana

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