Therapy is Necessary

authenticity mental health therapy Aug 02, 2021

Therapy - Just the word can evoke so many conflicting emotions- fear, failure, anxiety, relief, angst, joy. All of those emotions are valid and not any of them should keep you from therapy when it is needed! I have been to a therapist during many seasons in my life and it was always so helpful to have someone hold space for my thoughts and emotions and allow me to see deeper into myself while processing through another person. It allowed me to see when I was playing out my insecurities in my relationships as opposed to dealing with the root of those feelings. I felt validated in certain situations where I thought for sure I was crazy. I was able to see difficult situations through the lense of my partner and appreciate the perspective they were bringing to the table as opposed to resenting it. It has helped me through so many seasons and one thing holds true for all of these times - I walked away with a better understanding of myself. 

Dana and I talk often about our couples therapy on the podcast because A) its a funny story and B) it was so helpful! I remember feeling very lost during that time and not sure where I fit in the world - let alone our company. I thought at the time - we can’t afford this - we have a venue to build! These things will work themselves out and we will continue forward in “partnered sister bliss.” 

What I can say is that some of the things that came up were deeply rooted and needed to come to light so they could be processed and held powerless in our relationship. I can tell you it was a lot of work and really uncomfortable at times. I can tell you there were lots of tears and anger and confusion in the middle. BUT I can tell you we were stronger on the other end, we were better partners, better sisters, better bosses, and better friends. 

So therapy - Love it or hate it , it can be so helpful to a better understanding of self and those you love!



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