The Power of Words

business mental health perseverance therapy Nov 29, 2021

Inez’s story is one that I will never forget. I was mesmerized as she was talking and describing her journey to where she is now. It was such a windy road and a LONG journey to get where she is today. This one part of her story really struck me hard. She was talking about her first encounter with a publisher about her book “Life After Windows.” He basically shut her down telling her that her idea, her words, and her story were meaningless. 

When she was telling us this story - we had at this point been talking for almost an hour and I was enraptured in her story of her life, her healing, and her tenacious spirit. And when she said that this man didn’t give her the light of day because she was a nobody, I could literally feel my pulse start to race and this feeling of just sheer sadness and anger come over me. 

It made me think how many times I have let someone else’s words silence me. How many times have I let an outsider tell me I am not worthy? How many times did I let someone else’s words stall me? Oh man- I wish I could count on one hand - but my life is checkered with believing what others have to say about me. 

Dana - you are too intense, maybe you should calm down. Dana, do you think that is the best decision for your family? Dana, I just think you are going to hate being anything but a teacher. Dana, you really need to lower your expectations. Dana, just give up - it will be easier in the end, there is no shame in saying you were wrong. Dana, can I call you Dana? Maybe you should be less greedy and let us pick whatever date we want for our reschedule. Dana - I am so disappointed in you, I thought you had more class than to say Bitch on social media. Dana - you are being an irresponsible mother. 

I wish I could tell you that I said Fuck them and moved on with my life. I wish I could tell you that I got just as sad or mad as I did when listening to what this man said to Inez. But I didn’t. I just thought I deserved it, that they were right. Maybe I am a terrible mother. Maybe I am too greedy. Maybe I should just lower my expectations. Maybe there is something wrong with me. 

I let these words, these untrue, not accurate words stall my life. Whether it was professionally or personally - I let it steal my confidence and ultimately my purpose.

How many times do we allow people that power? The power to stall us. To let their words have power over actions and our thoughts?  It made me think about what if we all stopped listening? What if we instead, said No, I do not accept this and we just turn the other way? Where would you be? WHO would you be? 

I don’t have the answer- but I do know that I am going to find out.



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