The Pivot that Saved Hello Lucky, with Eunice and Sabrina Moyle

business mental health partnership Nov 07, 2022

"You're not just working for somebody, so it's harder to walk away. And I just think that's one of the challenges that every entrepreneur probably faces is drawing boundaries and having healthy boundaries between their personal life and their business."

I think every entrepreneur can attest to this feeling - that feeling that you can’t turn it off. After all, it is your company, your clients, and your bottom line that you have worked SO hard to get to and now it has taken over your life! I know this feeling well and could really relate to the ridiculous lengths that these sisters went to - hello flying a seating chart with you on vacation ?! - for their clients. I think there comes a point in every entrepreneur's journey when you ask yourself - what am I doing, and what am I giving up by pursuing this?

I applaud the courage it took to shut down a large branch of their business that generated millions of dollars, employed a team of people, and took years to build. Many people would have kept up that grind and continued to scale until it turned a profit and instead they looked inward and decided that is not the direction they wanted to go. I think understanding how you DON’t want to make money is just as important as understanding how you DO want to make money. And we have been there!

We used to have a floral company called “Bushel and Peck” and it really came about as a way to make a little extra money per client and to offer an affordable product that our clients really seemed to need. We worked this business for almost 10 years! First as a side hustle to C and D, then we hired part-time to get a little bit of continuity and structure, and finally full time when we were hitting our stride and increasing our minimums. We were really gaining traction in the market and we were finally charging enough to be profitable. But we didn’t love it. It was not our passion and we decided we did NOT want to make money this way any longer. 

There were a few moments where we felt like failures, thought about what “everyone” would think, loathed the investments we made into it, and then we let it go. And you know what, it was 100% the right decision! Closing that part of our business allowed us to focus on new areas, areas where we were passionate, and ultimately made more money. Sometimes closing a door is just what you need to do to get your business (and your mojo) moving in the right direction!


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