The little stuff is the big stuff: Conversations with Sisters

business team building Mar 20, 2023

"All the little stuff is the big stuff.."

Is this not so true?! I think it may be my favorite quote of the season because it transcends so many facets of life; work, home, friends, grocery store interactions, etc…the little things matter - and when accumulated, lots of positive (or negative) little things become the big stuff!

I mean how many of us have been walking out of a store with our hands full and a random stranger scoots ahead of you to open the door? Instantly your faith is restored in humanity and the positive energy of that interaction carries with you as you walk to the car. Similarly, how many of us have been in that same situation only to struggle awkwardly while a person waits impatiently (huffing audibly) behind us while we try to open the door while holding all.the.things! Both of these are little things - not life changing - but it can be mood changing - which in turn can ripple out towards others throughout the day!

I think this is such an important concept to grasp as a boss - that those little things you do (or don’t do) for your staff really add up and ultimately dictate the direction your company culture is going to take! I always like to say that we hire humans and not employees - because it is important to see, acknowledge, and support all of the unique situations that your person is bringing with them to work. When you do this, you start to do all of the little things that make them feel seen and appreciated. All of those little things will add up to a happy employee, better team culture, happier clients, and ultimately a more successful business (Which seems pretty big to me). 

Dean has always been such an inspiration to Dana and I and we feel lucky to be able to call him a friend! There is nothing like a Dean one-liner to get you thinking about how to lead your team better!


Courtney and Dana

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