The Entrepreneur's Dilemma: Finding Balance with Rachel Sheerin

authenticity business failure perserverance Oct 09, 2023

"Because life is just a series of choices and goofing up." - Rachel Sheerin

What a great conversation I got to have with Rachel and Alyssa! I can't believe it has been over 2 years since Rachel was on last! She is always a joy and such a breath of fresh air. There were so many nuggets, and so many things that I took away from this conversation. But- this one thing she said really stuck with me - life is just a series of choices and goofing up.

From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed, our lives are filled with decisions, both big and small. Some choices are as simple as what to have for breakfast, while others can determine the course of our entire lives. But most of our choices are right in the middle - they aren't easy,
but they won't change the trajectory of our lives. These choices are the ones that plague me and often where I goof up the most. These are choices like taking a gig where I will miss an event for a kid. Or deciding to go to an event instead of date night. It's these choices that make me live in the tension of my conflicting values. I value what I do and the ability to travel but I also value my family and being present in their lives. Those two can co-exist, but a lot of times they are in direct conflict with one another and this is where the guilt can creep in and ultimately leading to me feeling like I have failed.

I loved the way Rachel took that thought and said- Hey! Failure is way too harsh - it was just a goof up. And the best part of a goof up is what it teaches you. I have had a lot goof ups - but each one has given me clarity and direction. Each of these moments were I felt like I failed, shed light on to what it was that I really wanted to do and who I wanted to be - and for that I am so very grateful. So, be kind to yourself, make the best choices you can, and embrace the goof ups.

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