Small teams and big dreams, with Nina McCaskey

business team building Jan 30, 2023

"Setting boundaries is incredible. Being able to relinquish control as a control freak is incredible. And this has opened me up to also be able to say yes to creative things, things I would've said no to, cause I knew I didn't have the energy. Being able to do that, it brings back the passion of beauty that I love so much because once you overwork yourself, you lose the reason you started it." 

Aaand we’re back! We are excited to bring you a new format for Hustle and Gather where each season we tackle topics in business that have stumped us, grown us, confounded us, and propelled us! The first topic we are tackling is team building - and I have to tell you, building a kick-ass team is the single, most important thing you can do in your business to move it forward! 

I loved that we got to kick off this season with our friend, and former guest, Nina - Owner of Wedded Kiss and all around cool kid - you know the type that has that effortless style and always has the perfect funny retort to whatever you just said?? That’s her! So, naturally, we were thrilled that she wanted to hop on our show again and share the tea about her team building philosophy and how that kick-ass team helped reignite her passion for her business!

So much of what she shared resonated with the ways I have felt in our business - when you felt like “crispy toast” or would rather be a potato than a human because you are so burnt out and your business has managed to run you instead of the other way around. Like Nina, for us it has been our team that has pulled us out of those dark times and allowed us to continue to grow our business WHILE pursuing our passions. It has allowed us to spend time with our families, attend our children’s games and activities, while still serving our clients well! In short, it has allowed us to have a life and a business - and for that I could not be more grateful!

I hope you enjoyed this kick off episode to our season and, if you haven’t already, it gets you thinking about how a team might help you achieve your personal and professional goals! 

Cheers to AMAZING teams!


Courtney and Dana

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