Sisters and Business Partners

authenticity perserverance team building Mar 14, 2022

Welcome to Perfecting the Partnership. In this series, we're learning about what it takes to work together by talking with other partnerships to understand their dynamic.

We are so excited for our first episode in our series of perfecting the partnership. Some time last year, we were sitting down talking with 2 lovely partners and we realized that they were having similar issues that we were having. 

One of our biggest mistakes when we first started our business was thinking that we were an island. That no one else could POSSIBLY understand the stress, the mom guilt, the weight, etc. News flash- we were so wrong. We had just created the island and didn’t let anyone else on. As our seasons of business have changed - we have found our partnership has also changed. What we thought was going to be stagnant, has been a rollercoaster at times. We had no idea that our relationship would be tested like it has, that it would stretch and go through different stages of growing pains- but it did and it will. And we don’t want to be an island. 

So, we are starting a series called Perfecting the Partnership where we talk with other business partnerships and unpack problems they are having. Because more than likely, we have been through it or are going through it currently. 

Whether you are in a business partnership or just a life partnership - this series is for you! One of the biggest surprises on my entrepreneur journey was how much my business partnership has made my marriage, friendships, and colleague relationships better. It has taught me so many lessons that have bled over into other parts of my life. That is what we hope this series encompasses - real stories, with real solutions on how to be a better partner. 

Our first episode is with dear friends Amanda and Holly with Greenhouse Picker Sisters. The episode was SO good, we had to break it up into 2 parts. This week we talk a lot about the mental plate, managing each other, and when we just need to be sisters and not business partners. Go give it a listen, and don’t forget to tune in next week for Part 2! 



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