Show up as you are, where you are

authenticity May 17, 2021

Last week we spoke with Courtney Bowman, founder and CEO of Raleigh Cheesy. I remember being so nervous bringing up the ALDI drama and wasn’t sure how vulnerable she would be. If you have listened - you will know that she did not disappoint and was so vulnerable and real about how authenticity in the social media world can be hard. It made us think during this week’s conversation with sisters - Can a business truly be authentic and vulnerable - is it a good business move? For me, I think the answer is yes - but I don’t think I have fully figured out how to get there on social media. I appreciate Courtney’s realness SO much - it inspired me to channel a quote from Bethany Howard “Show up as you are, where you are.” I hope you do the same this week! 




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