Where is my self worth? Walking through difficult times in life and business.

mental health perserverance Nov 29, 2022

I" can look back on our past and be like, okay, we've been through X, Y, Z, this is gonna be fine. I garner strength from what we did in the past because I knew how strong we were and what we could get through, so it lets me know, oh, we're gonna get through this too."

Just a quick hello on this post Thanksgiving Tuesday! I hope everyone had a great holiday and a bit of down time - we just got back from visiting ALL of our family in Florida over 4 days - staying in 2 houses together - it was wonderful and a lot all at the same time! I am sure we will be processing for months on the podcast..

Back to the regularly scheduled program - I really enjoyed the download after this episode - it is always fun thinking back on our original career as teachers - it literally feels like another lifetime when I think about it. Our life looks so different now… but I also like how Dr. Anissa’s story surrounding teaching and leading is universal to many hard things that we do in life!

While I don’t willingly walk through difficult times in life and in business - I think we can all agree it is inevitable - and as opposed to viewing those times as negative/bad/unfortunate I like to view them as pillars of strength for the next inevitable hardship. I like to look back and fortify my mind with all of the hard things I have been through and grown from and it makes what I am currently facing not so looming or overwhelming.

For many people the Holidays bring up reminders of some really hard times in their past and emotion can start to seep in and cloud what is going on right now - but I would encourage you to try and see those big things you have overcome as a sign of your strength and fortification. So when you face something hard again - Hello family dynamics at Christmas time….take cues from the past about what you are capable of and know that you’ve got this too!

Courtney and Dana

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