Self-Limiting Thoughts

authenticity mental health Jul 05, 2021

Do you have Self-Limiting thoughts? Is your self perception or ingrained beliefs holding you back from what you are really capable of? I love how Amanda tackles these thoughts that we all have, head on! Amanda is such a real and authentic voice on Insta and Social, I have followed her for a while and was really pumped that she agreed to come on our podcast to share her windy journey with our listeners! I feel like a lot of us get stuck in what we “should do” or what we are “expected to do” as opposed to what our true purpose and values dictate our lives should be centered around. Amanda’s story is so inspiring to anyone that is going through that age old thought of “Is this what I should be doing?”

I think taking the time and doing the work to really understand who you are and what makes you tick is never in vain. The more we understand about ourselves the better we are able to navigate life decisions, big and small, to achieve a life that is authentic to who we are and fulfilling a purpose we are created for! I love how Amanda touches on how hard it can be to accept these new versions of ourselves. The importance of not limiting our acceptance to what OTHERS accept but really owning who you are and where you are going can not be overstated.  I know that I have been through many versions of this in my own life - where I was just acting in a way that I thought others expected me to and not really true to who I was.  I remember looking in the mirror one day and wondering “who is this person??” I didn't recognize her and certainly didn't want to be her! I love Amanda’s advice to avoid this situation and live your best and most authentic life!

I hope you Enjoy and feel inspired as much as we did!



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