Searching for validation: with possessions, respect from others, and from within

business team building Jul 06, 2022

"We often talk about this, who you are as a boss and who you want on your team -- She says one of her pieces of advice was, getting the right people on your bus."

I felt this comment deeply! I have always said that a team is only as strong as the weakest link and if I am on that team - I want that weak link to be me! I am always looking to fill my bus with passionate and talented people that have the skills that I am lacking (which are many!). I think this is how businesses become successful - realizing that you aren’t the best at EVERYTHING and recognizing that and filling those gaps with an amazing team.

I also think that your bus is not filled entirely with people you hire; it can have supportive partners, family members, friends, mentors, and coaches. As I have gotten older I recognize the need for outside perspectives and the occasional encouraging word to keep me going when it gets tough - because, let’s face it, growing a business is hard and everyone, I am sure even the most successful among us, goes through periods of doubt! I think this is when your bus is so important! Are they lifting you up? Are they encouraging you to do the hard things? Do they provide a safe place to fall? 

I think evaluating who is on your bus periodically is important - as the saying goes “You become who you surround yourself with.” When you look over your bus do you see people who you admire or look up to? Do you see people who you can depend on and spur you on to do those hard but necessary things? Do you see people who can be honest with you and people you respect enough to receive that feedback from? If not, maybe you need to add or takeaway riders on your bus. I know I have had to do this a few times in my life - when I realized that a person wasn’t serving me, but rather, was harming me and preventing me from operating in my fullest self. It was hard, but once I asked that person to leave my bus - it was a much better ride!

I hope you all have an amazing support system riding with you on your bus this week!



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