Ridiculous Personal Goals

authenticity business perseverance Oct 18, 2021

Is having a ridiculous goal really ridiculous? Even when we were talking this through - I could not conceive of a goal that I would deem ridiculous enough to not work toward! We have interviewed many people and benchmarks and goals are a reoccurring theme - from getting a purse you have been eying to a monthly income goal that seemed out of reach, many of the most successful entrepreneurs we have chatted with had some sort of goal that meant “they made it”!

When I think this through a bit more, I think its a necessary part of success! Starting a business is hard and can be demoralizing at times and sometimes its the goal or idea of what your future could look like that keeps you going! I also think it’s important to dream and make plans that are worth YOU working for - because I promise there will be days that you don’t feel like working - even when it’s not an option to quit.

I also think its in our nature - we are “wired” to have dreams and goals. My kids tell me about a ridiculous plan daily - and they change it up on the regular. They don’t understand how unattainable some of their goals are - but we don’t squash it, we let them believe it and stay motivated by it - and I think there is a lesson in that!



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