From Resting Bi*** Face to Resting Boss Face, with RBF's Tiffany Welton

authenticity business Apr 17, 2023

"The last job I had before starting my own business really tested me - it really put everything in perspective for me as to how I wanted to lead, what I really wanted to stand for."

I am always curious about what prompts people to start a business, particularly when they are leaving, what looks like, a successful career. I love that Tiffany pointed out that her last career really tested her and that difficult experience gave her a framework for the type of leader that she wanted to be. I firmly believe that experiencing or identifying the things that you don’t want in your life, or types of behaviors you don’t want to exhibit are as helpful in shaping your future as knowing what it is that you DO want!

We have used this strategy with our design clients in the past to help them hone in on the look and feel they are wanting for their wedding. We will go through a series of images and get their gut reaction to each of them - and oftentimes it is the strong negative responses that help us really narrow down the direction they are wanting to go. 

I say all of this because sometimes it is hard to verbalize what it is that you want; this could be the type of boss you want to be (like Tiffany), the type of business you want to run, the type of employee you are looking for, or even the office snacks you want to have available… But it’s easier to put your finger on what you don’t want/want to be - and that can be a great starting point toward figuring out what you do want!

Cheers to using what we don’t like to inform what we do!


Courtney and Dana

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