Playing to your team's strengths and abilities, with Lindsay Wrege

business inclusivity team building Apr 04, 2023

"What is something kind you have done for someone lately?"

What a great interview question! I love that this question is one of the top two questions on Lindsay’s list and I think it says a lot about the culture she is trying to create in her businesses and brand. Kindness goes a long way towards creating strong bonds between colleagues and healing unintentional hurts that pop up when you are spending 40 (ish) hours a week with the same humans!

I think we underestimate the value of kindness within our organizations - favoring more jazzy adjectives like - self starter, motivated, innovative, or driven. And all of those are great and can get the job done - but does it create harmony or unity? Does it create an atmosphere that people want to stay in/work in year over year? 

I think asking this as an interview question is really telling - both in how long it takes the interviewee to come up with an answer and what they view as a kindness. Is it what you view as kindness? Are they reaching back to an incident 4 years ago or was it recent? I also think it allows you to let that person know the type of organization you are running and what you prioritize in your workplace. 

I know it’s simple but that’s the beauty in it! Just food for thought and maybe an action to implement in your next interview!


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