Playing to each other's strengths: Conversations with Sisters

business failure mental health partnership Oct 03, 2022

"And then like, you kind of get past that blame game and you realize, ugh, like ultimately it was my fault. Like if I had just sent this email, if I had just clarified, this is what I wanted, this wouldn't have happened."

We can all relate - right?! When you are stuck in the middle of a crappy situation and you really want to blame someone else but when you really think it through you could have prevented the very situation you are currently loathing! It’s literally the worst feeling - but if you lean in, learn the lesson, it is a total learning opportunity!

I think this happens often because we don’t take the time to really think through a process because we have either taken on too much or we are too quick to check something off a to-do list and move on to the next item. Even though we think we are being uber productive - in the end these big misses in what are seemingly “Just the details” cost us so much time and personal angst in the end.

I know for me when I am super busy, checking things off, dealing with just what is in front of me - procrastination sets in…Putting off those long term projects until the very last minute and let me tell you about the self loathing that ensues! I HATE it when I have backed myself into a deadline corner because I have pushed something off to the very last minute and I either have to finesse my way out of a situation to buy more time or work late at night, maybe miss family time, to put out something that may or may not be my best. It is literally in these moments, of self loathing, that I vow to myself to make the changes and be better about setting myself up for success!

I think the moral of this story is to make sure you are setting yourself up for success when giving deadlines or due dates and make sure you aren’t overlooking those small details that can make life worth living (If I’m being honest). If you feel the procrastination setting in, examine it…are you taking on more than you should? Are you too concerned with today’s to-do list that you are sabotaging tomorrow? These are all questions I ask myself often - and to be successful in biz long term - so should you!



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