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authenticity business Nov 22, 2021

Scarcity mindset - it's a thing! I know what it feels like as a business to say yes just because you are afraid to say no...What if another client doesn't come along? What if another company gets the gig? What if I regret this ‘no” later? All of these feelings are valid - and pass through every business owner’s head at some point. And while they are VALID feelings, they are also NOT reasons for saying yes or accepting a client or job that may not be the best fit! 

When you say yes to something you are saying no to something else. That something may be as innocent as your time or your availability or maybe even a boundary. The real problem comes in when that something becomes your sanity, your sense of worth, and maybe even your passion for what you do! When you lose your passion you lose that fire that energizes your business and your clients and can even prevent you from attracting what or who you really want in your business. What you should have reserved your yes for. 

I think reserving your time and energy for what makes the most sense for you and your business is what preserves your Fire - and you want to be operating in that Fire space when the wind comes! Fire + Wind = Unstoppable 



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