Overcoming Disability to Help Others

authenticity business inclusivity perseverance Jan 17, 2022

So much inspiration - I was left in awe of John and all that he managed to accomplish given his circumstances. I especially loved his ability to relate that to any and everyone who may be going through something tough, and believe me, if you haven’t already been through a hard time, your time is coming!  

I think that is the value in telling your story - it not only allows you to reflect on what you have been through but it gives hope and inspiration to others who may be facing something difficult in their lives. So many times, like John, we don’t want to share the hard parts, the parts that we feel the most shame or judgment in. I know I have been guilty of this, showing the good parts or maybe even a small part of the struggle that I deem the most universal or most understandable. 

I LOVED when John shared that he owned all of what he was going through and became more open with his story and struggles and found not only an amazing career opportunity but his future wife too! He had achieved a level of acceptance and maybe even pride in all that he had been through and it allowed others to see that strength too - and it was powerful! 

I hope John’s story inspires you to share yours, I know I will be more open with mine! 

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