Embracing the Mess, Navigating Entrepreneurship and Emotional Growth

Mar 05, 2024
It's a really special thing when an employee becomes a friend - and not just a "we enjoy doing our company outings together" but really friends, who go out of their way to make sure the other feels supported, loved, and heard. I had no idea when we hired Maggie all those years ago that she would become one of my truest and most reliable friends. The type that brings you curry and tequila when life is too much, answer your late night distress calls, or the type that spends hours working through a painting crisis with you! That's Maggie for me.
It was so fun having her on this podcast chatting through the past year and half with her - even though I have had the honor of having a front row seat to it all through walks, texts, and phone chats - but really diving deep into her journey and talking through how much she has grown and accepted really. 
I think that was my biggest take away from this episode; and something I have learned in the past through grief and trauma - The body keeps the score. I have also learned that often times your body and head aren't in alignment - which is where I think Maggie was when she was having to say no to big wins in order to prioritize her health and healing. Even though it was hard, she knew it was the right thing, and ultimately landed her where she is now - working at a pace she can succeed at, doing work that is purposeful to her! When I reflect on that - I think - Isn't that ultimately where we all strive to be!

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