Serving Strength: Jill Donovan's Story of Love, Loss and Triumph

Mar 05, 2024
2023 - What a year! I know, I know, we are squarely in 2024 - as it is now February....but I am still processing all that was last year...anyone else feeling that?? 
While that processing may be an ongoing thing for the foreseeable future, I know I am so excited to be back this season and verbally process some of that trauma with our guests and learn from some amazing individuals who have been through some of the worst things imaginable and still managed to build amazing businesses and careers. All while walking themselves, kiddos, employees, and family members through that proverbial forest with them!
When we first spoke about this topic, Jill was the first person that came to mind! I have long admired her strength and tenacity in what was an unimaginable situation years ago. 
I knew OF Jill when TJ died ...but I didn't really KNOW Jill back then. I interacted more with TJ on the event side of things and I remember thinking is she going to do it?? How is she going to keep both businesses going while raising all those babies she had sooo close together! And now, knowing Jill well - in fact she is one of the most fun people to hang out with! - I know that was a silly question!
Jill's positive outlook, accepting (but not TOO accepting) nature, and bad-ass business intuition not only allowed her to navigate through a hard personal and business period in her life - but to really thrive and inspire in the spaces she occupies. She has grown all of her companies (and started new ones!) while being a very present single parent, a supportive colleague, and an amazing friend. I am excited for you to hear how she did it and the great advice she gives in this weeks episode!

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