It's not failure, it's just an unsuccessful attempt

authenticity business failure perseverance Jan 03, 2022

Happy New Year! That is for those of you who have not heard it enough already! I love a new year and we are excited to start this year off with Abbie as our first 2022 podcast guest! I loved her energy (I will have what she's having) and even more than that - I loved her message, I think it fits perfectly with the start of a new year. Abbie failed, pulled back, and reevaluated many times before landing on where exactly she wanted to be within her industry. Her fearless approach to trying something new, realizing she didn't like it (Or wasn’t good at it), educating herself, and trying again is something we can all learn from - especially as we embark on a new year with new goals. 


I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit, honestly, I think it came with the DNA as most of my immediate family owns their own business or has at least attempted to! Before C and D came along I tried several different “side-hustles” like making bath bombs, selling luxury bed linens (I have always had a thing for bedding), and even insurance (think a watered down version of Aflac that was sold door to door - yikes!). I used to look back on these endeavors with shame and embarrassment, not the comedic relief that they are supposed to inspire, because I saw myself as a failure in these endeavors - and I put myself out there and I wasn’t successful! I learned a few important lessons through these “failures” or unsuccessful attempts as we call them now.One of those Abbie brought to mind when she said “Just because you like something, doesn’t mean you are ready to make a business out of it.” I loved (and still do) bedding and amazing sheets (See a previous newsletter for my current rec) but I didn’t love selling them! I love taking a bath and enjoy a luxurious bath bomb - but did not have the discipline to make, market, and mail them! I wasn’t thinking about the client - or who these products were intended for - I wasn’t ready to make it a business! With my insurance moment (it was very short lived) I realized that I had to believe in what I was selling - that it was meaningful and would somehow enhance that client’s life - and I never had that for insurance (still probably don’t although I do see the value in it).


I say all of this because I loved Abbie’s candor and how open she was about her “Unsuccessful attempts” and how she used those lessons to formulate the business that would best suit her and her clients. As you go into 2022 and make new goals and have new ideas - don’t be afraid to explore those, fail at those, or re-think at any point. I promise you, even in failure, there will be a lesson or something you can take with you to the next reiteration!





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