How do you manage Gen Z? With Camp Kanata Director, Ryan Eves

mental health team building Feb 14, 2023

"I think it’s a misconception that they're very self-centered. I think they're very aware that the only way to do good is from a place of strength. And the only way for me to have strength is to care for myself well."

I think every generation has something to teach us - and leaves their mark on our society as a whole as they go through their life stages. You have the traditionalists, who grew up during the wars and great depression, that taught us frugality and the value of a dollar. The Baby Boomers taught us the importance of activism and living in the moment. Gen -X is known for their work ethic and independent spirit, while Millennials taught us the importance of tolerance and acceptance. I have loved having a front row seat to Gen Z and while they have a lot to give, I love their focus on self and nurturing their needs - both physically and spiritually - because they understand that you give your best when you feel your best - and that takes care. 

I think it’s hard coming from (mostly) the Gen-X tribe where work ethic, independence, and entrepreneurship is valued above all else! I was totally taught to put your head down, put in the work, and you will have a great retirement - should you get there. I have watched so many of my family members sacrifice so much of themselves in the present for future peace and security and, well, I think we got it wrong. 

While I think the reason Gen-z ers feel this way is heartbreaking - I mean they have grown up in a world that breaks promises and feels like tomorrow is not always guaranteed - the outcome, I think, will be a more self aware and aligned person that is ready to give back and make those big changes that we all need to see! 

I, like many of you probably, have had a difficult relationship with the concept of self-care - it mostly was reward driven based on how productive I was that day, week, or month. It was somehow tied to a to-do list and my productivity. While I do think it is tied to my productivity - I think I have gotten it backwards - I have to show my mind and body that I prioritize it and in turn it will help me accomplish all that I set out to do - or change my mind toward the importance of said tasks! What does this look like? Well my go-tos are always a nap, some water, a therapy appointment, or a great skin care product. They all make me feel like I am prioritizing myself and motivate me to get out there and do better!

I hope there is a nap, bath, or a great new product in your future this week!


Courtney and Dana

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