Grief as a process of life

business mental health parenting perseverance therapy Dec 06, 2021

I loved hearing Inez’s story - it was real, honest, hope-filled, and such a journey! One of the things that really struck me is how grief was not the end of Inez’s journey but the beginning of a new one. She lost so much in a day - her career, her second family, a life plan, and that sense of security that we all lost that day. So much to process and I love her advice to her younger self - give yourself the time to process - don’t expect great things from yourself, just walk through it.

It really resonated with me because even though we may not have lost our friends and livlihood in a terrorist attack - we have all lost something, be it a person, a career, a relationship, or even an idea of yourself! Often times we “suck it up “ or “muscle through” without taking the time to process or walk through those emotions. Maybe it’s fear or disappointment that keeps us from walking through the grief - maybe we have never been modeled how to grieve - either way I think it is an important part of everyone’s journey! 

It was so relatable when Inez describes the empty feeling she had while trying to work after 9/11. We have all felt that “what is the point” feeling when we are going through a loss or a failure - and instead of resenting that situation I think we can use it as a sign that we need to process something and see it as a normal part of the human life cycle. One that we will walk through many times in a lifetime. 

Inez took a step back and found a sense of grounding back home (a place she said she would never live) and allowed herself time and space to process and rebuild - and from that grew two successful businesses and a memoir. She became open to a new idea and a new journey that shaped the next 20 years of her life and that story is beautiful! 

Cheers to new beginnings!



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