Giving your team A Place at the Table, with Maggie Kane

business perserverance team building Feb 27, 2023

"Life's about relationships, community, and making people feel seen. So, I feel like that is it, that is my life work and I will forever do this work."

What an honor to chat with someone so inspiring and passionate about the important work she is doing, and right in our backyard! First, If you haven’t checked out a place at the table - do it! It is fun to see and experience first hand the culture and community she has created (with the help of so many other passionate individuals!)

Her message is so simple but so poignant - Life is really all about relationships you make, the community you build, and making people you interact with feel seen and heard. This message is so fundamental to building successful businesses, friendships, partnerships, etc.. and we oftentimes over-complicate it and miss the mark! I love that Maggie brought it back to this in our conversation - recognizing that it all started because she wanted to make the homeless members in her community feel seen, to have a place where they felt like a person and a contributor!

She knew she couldn’t do it without her community so she started building relationships and rallying that community around her idea to really get traction toward implementation. It was her relationships that ultimately ended up finding her the perfect spot for her restaurant and the community that surrounded her to get it open!

I think, in this country, we idolize the lone ranger - the one who is independent and doing it all by themselves - and in reality that is a false narrative that ultimately sets us up for failure. The fact is, we all need a community built on the relationships we create out of mutual respect and admiration. We get further this way and the journey is so much more rewarding in the end! 


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