Exposing the Underbelly of Business

authenticity business Aug 09, 2021

I loved it when Jordan said that “no one wants to expose the underbelly of their business” and it made me think about how hard it really is to be authentic on social media or wherever we are client facing. To be a small business nowadays feels like you have to constantly project an unrealistic form of perfectionism in order for clients to feel comfortable with our level of professionalism or ability to serve them well. It seems like showing any form of reality/humanity/realness is a sign of weakness and to be avoided at all costs. Even just writing that out seems crazy and unattainable. No one is capable of perfection all the time - hell, not even 50% of the time! Yet why do we expect that from ourselves and continue to perpetuate a false narrative with our platforms?

I get it from the business side - we have to put our best foot forward. We have to show our best side to potential clients so that they will want to work with us - perpetuate our businesses, recommend us to their friends and family! But, how amazing would it be if we DID get real from time to time; we let our clients see what’s behind the curtain - that we are moms and wives and friends and sisters and daughters and messy and love a cocktail and dance when we are happy or sad - that we are beautiful, multidimensional people who happen to be insanely talented and creative too! That we can be all of those things while serving our clients to the best of our ability. 

I hope you get the chance to show up authentically on your platforms this week! If it’s a high, I know your community will celebrate with you; and if it’s a low - allow them to rally around you and pick you up! I think we empower others to show up as themselves when we do and it shows your clients how much of a multidimensional bad ass you are - handling their business while managing your own! 



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