Do you know your why?

business mental health parenting Jun 28, 2021

One of the biggest pieces of advice we hear over and over again is “just start! Don’t think about it, just do it!” And while I think that is a great piece of advice, I loved how Greg pushed back on that a little. Yes- just start, but also make sure you understand your why and your purpose. 

I thought about that a lot. What is my “why”? Is it because I love what I do? Is it because I want financial freedom? Is it because I can make my own schedule? My mistake in thinking about my why was that I had to choose one, and that only one thing could be my purpose for starting this business. 

I felt ashamed to say it’s because I want to make money. I felt silly to say it was because I love helping people. I felt narcissistic to say that it was because I wanted to create my own schedule. I would change my answer when talking with different groups. If it was a client - it was because I loved helping. If it was a CEO - it was because I wanted the paycheck. I was afraid to claim my truth that my why is complex, but it is also very clear. 

My why is because I love people. I love serving them - hospitality runs in my blood. My why is also that I want to retire when I am 50 and not 65. My why is that I can be home at 3:00 when my kids get off the bus and I can enjoy these short and precious years with my family. My why is that I love encouraging other businesses. My why is that I love growing a team and seeing these people flourish and grow and stretch and be better off being an employee of our company. My why is so layered. 

I love that Greg was not afraid to hit pause so he could recenter his goals and objectives. When he came back, he was very clear on what he wanted and his purpose. For years my why was not clear and it led to a lot of resentment, bad choices, and veering in the wrong direction. 

I want to encourage you to take a few minutes and really think about your why, your purpose, and create your own mission statement. Remind yourself of it when you have to make a decision - does it point back to your why and your purpose? 

We hope you loved these episodes with Greg as much as we did- it was truly an honor and privilege to interview him. 



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