Do you have someone to sort your socks?

failure mental health parenting Sep 20, 2021

I know I said in the episode that I don’t need help but spoiler alert - I actually do. After listening back to our interview with Randi I couldn’t help but wonder why do we value self-sufficiency above all else? For years I wore this as a badge of honor and in reality there is no one giving you a medal at the end of a self-sufficient life. I have always admired Courtney and her ability to recognize that she NEEDS community and help and suffering through life is for the birds. 

And it made me wonder why in our modern society we value independence, and self sufficiency above all else? When you look at the history of the world you see that was not the standard. It was common for your neighbor’s second cousin’s brother to help you with your child or feed your goat. There was no shame in asking for help - because it was the only way that we as humans survived, moved forward and evolved. 

I really resonated when Randi’s mother in law told her she would sort her socks! It became a euphemism between me and Courtney- we ask each other now “What socks can I sort for you today?” And I gotta tell you that these past few weeks since we recorded this episode I have dropped that shame and when Courtney asks me - I say, “you know what - it would be so helpful if you did this.”. In case you were wondering, the world did not end and I was actually much happier getting something taken off my plate. 

This week- I encourage you to let someone “sort your socks.” Or be a sock sorter. 




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