Do you have an expensive hobby or a business?

perseverance sales Jun 21, 2021

I am so excited for you to hear this episode with Greg Hedgepeth, founder of Substantial Magazine based out of Eastern NC. I loved his ability to use storytelling and anecdotes to provoke thoughts and promote actions! This conversation could have gone on forever as he is such a dynamic and energetic person to talk to, with so much wisdom to share!

I really loved his vulnerability when he was sharing the journey he took with Substantial Magazine and getting it to where it is today. He shares that he started the magazine and got a little bit of traction but realized that he wasn’t serving his clients and what he really had was an expensive hobby!! Oh man have we been there!! There was a point in our C and D Journey that Dana looked at me and said “Are we going to do this or what?” It was time to “Piss or get off the pot” as my Grandmother used to say! It is amazing having a business you love but at the end of the day, if it’s not making you money, you don’t really have a business and what is the purpose??

Obviously his story did not end there - he re-examined his product and he talks a little bit about product life cycle and relevancy and came up with a multi-platform media outlet that shares stories with his audience however they consume their media. Brilliant! I think it is so important to remain relevant to the clients you serve and it really spoke to his bravery and humility that he was willing to step away, deconstruct, and reconstruct something that he was proud of! 

I hope you get lots of inspo from this episode! 




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