Defining Success

authenticity business perseverance team building Nov 01, 2021

This week is one of our longest recordings and honestly the time just flew by! Jess was so wonderful to talk to and she left me really thinking and noodling on things for days after. The one thing she said that really stuck hard and really had me contemplating was when she was talking about how success is something you feel, not something achieved. She said, “If my name was removed from my business - if no one knew it was me - would it still matter?” 

Y’all - talk about a perspective shift. What a deep and hard question to ask myself. What is so funny is that a few weeks earlier I was talking with my friend who is not in the industry and I was telling her how we got published on a blog. It was a big named one and I was proud of my team. After I said it, I realized this person has no idea what this blog is or why this is important to me. I proceeded to tell her why I was so proud and it had nothing to do with actually getting published but the team and vision behind the project. The fact we got published was an achievement - but how it all came together and the feeling of reaching that mountaintop was our success. 

After talking with Jess it all clicked and I started looking at what is an achievement and what is a success in not only my professional life, but my personal life. Social Media only gives us the highlight reels and we often show off our achievements. How many people are posting what they have achieved in the hopes of feeling successful? *Hand in the air* Guilty as charged. 

So how do we FEEL successful? 

First, I loved her concept of 100 year goals and creating a legacy. Taking time to write down what it is that you want to leave behind. How can you pass the proverbial baton to the next generation? 

Second, take some time to write out what will make your life feel balanced. I don’t mean work/life balance - we all know I think that is a bunch of BS. But for this season of life, what will make you feel like you aren’t screwing it all up? For me, the balance I seek is to be home 75% of the time my kids are home from school. I want one parent to always be at a game/meet and 50% of the time we are both there. I want to be able to give back to my community in a way that is meaningful and helpful and have time in my schedule to do that. Finding that balance is hard - but even achieving one part of the equation makes me feel successful. 

And lastly - think about what it is that you measure success by. Is it financial? Is it time? Is it the number of businesses? Is it being present? Everyone has a different definition of success. Figure out what the definition for you is and let that be what you are striving for. I have to say this is the hardest part. For so long we are taught that success is measured by awards, money, and accolades. To take a step back and really think about what it is that defines success for you is something you won’t find in a book or even in this podcast - but it is something only you can define. 

I hope you take some time this week to find your measure of success. I think you will see that you are well along your way. 



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