Chasing the Journey not the Outcome

Nov 08, 2021

 I think it's being stuck in the river and it's just taking you like where it's going, but she did mention that. She said especially about business, and I think having a very entrepreneurial mindset, that it is not about chasing the outcome. It's about chasing the build

This was such a fun episode - listening back to it, I really felt the energy in the conversation and I think that is because Jess was SO thought provoking! I loved how some of her statements really challenged my thinking while a few of her statements confirmed some of my life mantras! One of those mantras is that “Life is a windy journey.” 

It made me think about old mindsets of “if I can just…” If I can just get through this day, If I can just get through this season of life, If I can just get through this event, and how damaging that mindset is! Now, mind you, I know that all of life is not worth savoring and some moments are hard to bear - like no one is looking to stay in the present during their Pap smear or root canal...although you certainly find gratitude in modern day preventative care...I think the “If I can Just” mindset is a trap when it is how you are living your life. 

The point is there are always going to be “justs” in our lives. We have to embrace that and not wish them all away - because in doing so, we are wishing away our lives and not really learning anything on our journey. The key is to appreciate the journey, never really seeking the destination, but how can we improve the travel? Do you need to set a boundary? Do you need to pick up the pace? Do you need to slow it down and enjoy the scenery? Dare I say it, do you need to plot a new course?? The key is to be present enough to learn the lessons, improve a skill, enjoy the build as Jess said - and the outcome will happen. And when it does, your journey doesn't continues onto the next course and you are taking all of the tools, memories, and skills that you developed on the way!


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