Signs of burnout, and bulldozing through life

business parenting perserverance Oct 17, 2022

"I feel like we've bulldozed through a lot in our business, and I don't accept that any longer. Like I think, even though sometimes circumstances don't allow you to celebrate greatly, I think that peaks should be acknowledged in general. Because when running a small business it feels like that you are just working on one project to get to the next, to get to the next, to get to the next."

Sometimes, in small business and in life, it can feel like you are moving from one thing to the next, to the next. Not only is this exhausting, it makes you feel more like a robot than a human who has given part of themselves to accomplish something only to reward yourself with, what, a check mark?! As I stated in this episode, I don’t accept that any longer.

Here’s the thing, life is too short, my hours are too important, and my kiddos are watching! I want for them to see their Mom work hard, strive toward a big goal, and achieve big things. Then I want them to see it celebrated! I don’t want them to think that you work for the sake of work, that we open businesses just to be busy No! I want them to see that we work for a purpose, toward something we are passionate about, and at the end of that we celebrate the hard things that we have done. I want them to see that work is important, and sometimes it’s not easy, but equally as important as the work is the celebration and rest that comes afterward.

I feel like the mindset of keeping your head down and hands to the grindstone is so toxic - not only for us, but for all the eyes watching us - as we are in charge of showing them what it means to live this life. All that to say, take the time to celebrate your wins, slow down to recharge, make sure we are showing a better and healthier way to be productive and achieve great things, not only to ourselves but to everyone who is watching you.

Courtney and Dana

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