Are you DOING the work, or GROWING your business?

business perserverance Aug 30, 2022

Brandee’s story is SO much like ours. It was almost like looking at our story in an alternate dimension. I really resonated with this part of her journey. The messy middle. I don’t think I have ever heard a more accurate description of this part of business. 

The messy middle is when you are rocking an rolling. You have figured out how to sell your product/service. You are bringing in money and have team members - maybe not a ton, but a few. Business is great - but YOU are not. You are running at a breakneck speed. You haven’t taken a real vacation in years, and you are resentful of this thing you have built. 

What I loved about this conversation and what I love about Brandee is that she is real. I know that sounds weird - but she isn’t selling you a false set of goods. She didn’t get on here and tell you to hire someone and then you are automatically reaping the benefits of it. No - it takes WORK and time to get to the other side. But as she said- it is SO worth it! 

The timing of this episode is so kismet. Courtney and I just got back from NACE Experience where we talked about this! The need to get out of your business so that you can RUN your business. We have been there so many times. Because the truth is that anytime you grow, scale, or transition parts of your business - it puts you  back in the messy middle for a period of time. 

We (and Brandee) feel so strongly about building that support so that you can be the CEO of your company. One of the questions we asked in our session this past week was - Are your intentions (what you NEED to be doing for your business) matching up to your time spent? I think a lot of us are guilty of not spending the time on things that we need to be doing to move our business forward. Our needs and time spent are very misaligned because our plates are too full! 

This is your nudge to take some things off of your plate. Start delegating our automating. And start doing money making things as quickly as possible. And if you don’t know where to start - we have created a hiring guide that starts off with getting to understand who you are, what you need, and how to find that ideal employee.

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