Are you a doormat?

business perseverance therapy Oct 11, 2021

I am so proud of the fact that my daughter, especially sees me pursuing what it is that I want to do. What it is that I need to do, whether that's like going to a conference or going on vacation, or like taking time for myself or pursuing something that I love cause I don't want for her to believe that all of her identity has to be wrapped up in who she happens to be a parent of or who she happens to be married to

Wow, this episode brings up all of the feelings for me. What it means to be a mom, a wife, a boss, and a woman. All of these are identities that I have struggled with at times and had to come to terms with or take back ownership of from time to time. It can be so hard to differentiate what you need from what your family or business needs and it feels so selfish when you prioritize those needs! Life lesson here though friends - you have to prioritize them. They have to be important to you because if they aren't important to you, they won’t be important to anyone and you can quickly become subservient to everything that is going on around you.  

When I find myself slipping into that “doormat” state - whether it be in business, relationship, or motherhood I like to think about Nora. Would I want this for her? Am I demonstrating what it should look like when she is in my shoes one day? Is this what she should look forward to? And if the answer is no - then it is not good enough for me either! I want her to see that life, while not easy, can be fulfilling and meaningful and filled with a purpose that goes beyond the individual aspects of your life. I want her to know that it is ok - more than ok - to take what she needs (even what she wants) and run with it because those that surround her will only benefit from her being fully aligned with herself and her purpose. 

I think it is important to step out of the “shoulds” and into what feeds you as a person  -whether that be clearing an inbox, organizing a cabinet, or taking an amazing vacation. It will only make you better in the roles you play on the daily and allow you to really enjoy all of the facets of your life. If it is hard to do that for you - remember, the next generation is watching and learning as we teach them how it should be.



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