Are we leaving our industry better than we found it?

business failure perseverance Aug 30, 2021

Oof- I remember recording this episode with Lauren and feeling an immense amount of personal responsibility. Are we leaving our industry better than we found it? Are there things that we have “avoidance” for? We dove a little bit into that in this conversation with sisters episode, but it was something I thought about for days and truthfully STILL think about not only in my business, but also my personal life. 

Avoidance is easy. It is easy to feign incompetence or even ignorance. It is so hard to stand up and be a voice for change. As shocking as this is- I naturally shrink back when it comes to taking a stand. I am always afraid to be too loud, or too opinionated. I hate when people push their beliefs on me - so I try not to do it to others. But at what point does it cross over from being polite to avoidance? This was a question I wrestled with after this episode. 

Our core company values are honesty, kindness, and respect. I realized that if I am not acting with these core values - I can not and will not make an impact on my community. If I am with this venue that we spoke of - that would not accept same sex couples- and I am just trying to be PC and not say my truth in way that is honest to what I believe, kind, and respectful,  I am part of the problem. I am complicit in allowing this company to think I am OK with what they believe - when I am so clearly not. 

Sometimes it takes a great amount of courage to walk the road less traveled. Maybe it is more expensive, or maybe it will alienate you from industry friends - but you take it anyway because you want to change the expectation for your industry. I see so many of you doing this! Whether it is like Lauren deciding to have ethically mined resources, a restaurant working solely with farmers, or a local vendor being real and authentic in a conversation. It is so inspiring to see people make a positive impact on their industry and attempt to leave it in a better place than they found it. 

This conversation really opened my eyes to what we CAN be and what we CAN impact. And although I would love to change the world- I know I can change my corner of my world. I hope that this week you take the time to decide what you can stop avoiding and start changing - we only have this one beautiful life- let’s make it count. 



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