After burnout, tragedy, and losing everything, you create a new path

mental health perserverance therapy Oct 10, 2022

"You know, you look back at it and you're like, I could have seen that coming, but you're also right in the thick of it, so you're just like, what the hell's going on?"

Haven’t we all been there ?? I think every entrepreneur has experienced the proverbial hindsight - and they say it’s 20/20 - but when you are in the middle of those big decisions or pivotal moments, it feels like you are navigating through those decisions with a pair of beer goggles on….can’t tell if that is a person, wall, or a wookie in front of you and it sometimes feels like you are just taking a shot in the dark! 

When people say “there is no emotion in business decisions,” I firmly believe it is because they have never owned a business! You put so much of your time, money, self, sacrifice, identity, and pride into it, it is IMPOSSIBLE not to be emotional. Sprinkle in a few employees that are dependent upon you for their day to day livelihood and suddenly the weight of making the right decision can lead even the most stoic person toward an emotional breakdown…and as I mentioned, we have all been there!

Here’s the thing - and I hope this brings you some peace or forgiveness depending on where you are at in your journey; you make the best decision with the information you have been given at the time. It is important to note the end of that sentence - “at the time” - because given different information, more information, or even future information - we would all make different or more informed decisions. BUT unless you have a crystal ball or maybe a Time Stone “ala Dr. Strange” you don’t have the luxury of knowing what is coming around the corner. So what do you do? You do the best you can. Review the facts. Trust your gut (the same one that got you where you are). And you act! And, if necessary, you forgive yourself for not being a fortune teller and make the next best decision!


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