The Power of Your Story

Feb 14, 2022

I have always taken so much inspiration and motivation from hearing other people's stories - especially the hard, ugly parts that are difficult to talk about - because I think it is in these moments where the most growth and learning take place, not just for the storyteller, but for anyone who hears that story! I think we tend to “gloss over” or minimize the hard parts and in doing so, we are not only short changing ourselves but also whoever is listening. 

Although I don’t believe the mantra “Everything happens for a reason” I do think you can use a bad or hard situation and turn it into something useful or productive by sharing your story. In the retelling it affirms your strength to yourself and allows you to see how far you have come or maybe even help process something that may be lingering. While all of these affirmations are reason enough to tell a story, when we are really sharing from an honest place, it allows others to glean from our strength, to understand the capacity of the human spirit, and empowers them through their own tough times!

I have a story. It hasn’t always been easy and it took a lot of work to get to where I am today, but as time has gone on I have felt more comfortable with the messy parts of it. The parts I kept hidden. The parts that brought me shame because I realize that starting from that point is powerful and to minimize all that I grew from is to minimize my story. I have learned that when I make my story smaller than what it is/was, it becomes less impactful - and that is definitely not what I want! 

I look forward to hearing YOUR stories, all the parts, and garner strength from what you have walked through!



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