Sisters in Business

Feb 28, 2022

What a fun episode! It was SO nice to chat with not only another partnership but a sister duo as well - I think we could have chatted forever about the dynamics of business ownership with your sister. I loved the authenticity and realness that Marni and Willa brought to the conversation about the amount of work it has been to make their partnership successful and how, even in the hardest times, it is a choice to respect each other and what each person brings to the table! It reminded me abit of the Endy Perry episode when she was speaking about going into business with her sister and she tried her hardest BECAUSE she worked with her sister - that was the last person she wanted to let down. I love that Marni and Willa brought that same energy into their business. 

I think there is a lot of self reflection that has to go into successful partnerships - whether that be a friend, a business, or a marriage. I think the success of that partnership is directly related to your ability to look inward and see how your biases, past experiences, and default reactions are playing into those dynamics. I think this is especially true amongst sisters! As sisters, you have all of the history (the highlights and the low points) and knowledge to really dig in and hurt each other. You know each other’s insecurities and weaknesses and have the ability to inflict the most damage. This also gives you the unique perspective of growth and triumph in the other person’s life - because you have walked through the hard times together!

I loved Marni and Willa’s acceptance of their co-dependency of sorts - realizing that they need each other and their business is better off for having both of their skills and perspectives. I feel this deeply! I am often so amazed at how Dana is able to see a hole or a need in our businesses and come up with an actionable system or process to fix it and/or prevent it from happening again. She has a unique ability to put action behind a vision and create a multi step plan to get an idea from here to there. She is such an asset to our business and growing this business together makes me want to be the best partner for her! I think that is the magic that is sisters in business - I love to hear that it's not just unique to us! 

Cheers to all the sisters who are hustling together



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