Partnerships and self reflection

authenticity business partnership Mar 07, 2022

I stand by these words. Being in a partnership has been one of the hardest parts of my life and one of the most rewarding. One of the things that makes it so hard is the fact that YOU (in my case I mean me) and whatever it is that you are going through, is a part of that deal. This is the case in all types of partnerships - whether that is a marriage, a friendship, or a business partnership - obviously you play a role - or alas there is no partnership. 

This has played out so many times in my life, where I was oblivious to how my actions and words were affecting my relationships and I attributed how I was feeling in a particular moment to how someone else in my life was treating me as a reaction. One of the things that being in a partnership has taught me is that just because I feel a certain way toward someone - happy, sad, angry,etc - it doesn’t necessarily mean that something is wrong with the partnership. I used to look for blame - not realizing that maybe my lack of focus, or disorganization, or maybe even lack of boundaries is what brought me to my emotional state. Now my first stop is inward - what am I allowing, what am I prioritizing, what do I need, what am I doing that is contributing to this situation?

The great thing about a partnership, if you are striving toward growth, is the amount of internal ‘ish’ and bad habits that it brings up for you to deal with! There is nothing like trying to explain why you did something or how your procrastination leads to a failure on your team and in your business. Do that a few times and you start to really take a hard look at your habits, what makes you tick, and start the repairing process! I think being accountable to someone else makes you a better version of yourself, and if you allow that introspection to take place, your business, marriage, or friendship is only going to be stronger than it would have been as a solo endeavor. 




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