CEO of the Year and Leaving Toxic Culture Behind

Feb 07, 2022

Company Culture! What a hot topic right now. People all over the world are leaving their jobs not because of pay or even because they hate it- but they are leaving because the culture is toxic. Their boss sucks, and they loathe going into work every day. 

It is such an interesting shift from our parent’s generation that just stuck with a company for 30+ years and just sucked it up. But what did we get? Burnt out, stressed out parents. This generation (all those gen-z’ers) are saying “HELL NO!” They want a job that fits into their life, not a job that IS their life. And for all the crap we give this generation (hello crop tops and 90’s grunge) - they actually have this right in my opinion. 

Not only do you create a culture of retention (hello higher profits!) but you also create a culture of productivity and efficiency. When people are appreciated, acknowledged, and feel cared for - they tend to work in a way that doesn’t lead to burnout. They become invested in what they are doing. They begin to care for your business more than you ever thought someone could. 

Company culture is something that is worth every single penny you spend. If you don’t know where to start - ask your employees! Ask them what is the one thing they would love to have in the office to make their day easier. Maybe it’s snacks. Maybe it’s a quiet room. Make a small change and make it a regular habit to ask what they need. 

Sometimes we just need a little reminder that our employees are people first. When we do that - we start to create a culture that makes people love to come to work and love what they do. 




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